The Importance Behind Checking Your Cables

Here at IDM, we see all sorts of problems come in and out of our doors. We’ve seen fried drives, dust-clogged fans and even a few explosions here within the repair center, but there is one “problem” that we see more than others and it all boils down to cable trouble.

Most industrial electronics are wired with something significantly beefier than your typical USB connection. We’ve seen connections with up to 20 prongs, which can lead to more than a few false-flags. When even one of those 20 calipers go out, it can make entire functions of your equipment impossible. It can make a keypad unresponsive, or make a display go out entirely.

While these issues may sound like more of a nuisance than anything, they can lead to confusion between a worker and the device which can we’ve seen lead to aggression in usage. Mashing on the keypads, repeatedly and more intensely manipulating a touchscreen are common examples. This heightened ¬†usage can then lead to more severe problems.

Ultimately, we’d recommend that you check your cables whenever you go in for routine maintenance. If you’re going through and (hopefully) dusting your internals on a regular basis, this is an easy extra step to ensure that your time is saved, which makes you more money and keeps your industrial electronic in top shape.