Getting a Head Start on Your Repair

Here at IDM, we believe in delivering a LEGENDARY customer experience. It’s built into our company and even into our practices. To ensure that we can give you that LEGENDARY experience, we ask that you take a few steps before shipping your repairs to our service center.

We recommend that you photograph your industrial electronics before shipping them safely to our facility. We ask that you photograph:

  • The device’s nameplate.
    • This allows us to identify your device quicker, meaning we can get a quote to you faster.
  • The device’s environment and how it is configured.
    • Whether we notice an environmental hazard, or a wiring nightmare, knowing the original state of your device can speed up our diagnosis of your repair.

These steps can shorten the turnaround time on your repair and as we all know; time is money. So, before you ship us your repairs, be sure to grab those photos too. It’s an easy step towards your LEGENDARY customer experience.