HMI’s: To Repair, or to Replace?

Your HMI is the link between worker and machine, making it absolutely vital to your productivity.

In nearly any assembly line, or manufacturing plant, employees work with touchscreens every day. This link between man and machine is a Human Machine Interface, or HMI for short. Much like a keyboard and monitor to a desk-jockey, this HMI is a vital component to any assembly line and when it goes out, so does productivity.

While touchscreens can be fickle devices, their dysfunctions can generally be grouped into one of four categories:

  • Touch panel failure. This can be from wear and tear, or a failure between the resistive material between the layers of the screen. This is a common problem seeing as the touch panel takes the most physical “abuse” of the device.
  • Display failure. LCD, LED and backlights can go out at any point of a device’s use. These can be repaired through a video-panel replacement, or even something as simple as replacing a backlight.
  • Main board failure. This is getting into the nitty-gritty portion of the device, though these boards can be as complex as a computer’s board, to something as small as a display drive, but it’s still getting into the guts of your HMI.
  • Power supply failure. Finally, capacitors and fuses can go out. This can be a problem when your electronics probably need, well, electricity. It’s a simple fix, but one that can happen multiple times over your equipment’s lifespan.

While some of these problems may seem like no brainers, they aren’t the easiest things to repair without a professional. Luckily, IDM offers a touchscreen repair program, backed by four decades of practice and experience. We can look into what’s wrong with your device and give a free evaluation, as well as quote on your defective HMI’s.

That being said, some devices may be more expensive to repair than others depending on the manufacturing volume and part availability. Here at IDM we understand that a business must run efficiently, so be mindful of what equipment you’re investing in and know when a piece of equipment is ready to be retired.

Always remember cost and time are crucial to any business, but if our price is right we’ll be sure to offer the LEGENDARY customer service we’re known for.