Serious Talk on Servo Drive Repair

When your Servo Drive is acting up it can be a real pain to find out what’s wrong, but that’s why IDM is here.

Servo Drives can be a finicky thing. When one starts to act up it can be difficult to pinpoint where the problem may be coming from. It can be even more difficult to repair your Servo Drive, seeing as it requires its “Home Device” to operate.

We see many Servo Drives sent in for repair here at our Houston repair center and while we definitely know our way around these drives, many didn’t need to be sent in the first place. Small things can throw your drive out of whack, including some rudimentary things you can do yourself!

While some of these steps may seem a bit obvious, you’d be surprised how often they pop up. We understand the frustration of a malfunctioning device and the rush to get it fixed, but with these appraisal steps you may be able to save even more time.

We recommend you;

  1. Power your device off and on again. Yes, we know this is a big IT joke, but sometimes things can be dislodged, or simply stuck. Check your plugs and double check if the device can get going again.
  2. Check your cables. Look for any sort of wire-frays, dislodged cables or corroded materials. Sometimes a quick replacement can lead to a quick solution.
  3. Check your grounds and shields. Even if a cable appears to be in good condition, it may be going through a bit of interference due to improper grounding. Be sure to power off and unplug your device before investigating these.

If you go through these steps and still can’t get it running it may be time to send it in for repairs. Luckily IDM offers Servo Repair Services, which include a free diagnostic and quote before we go to work. If the price is right, we here at IDM are prepared to offer you the LEGENDARY customer experience we’re known for.