Why Choose Us as Your Repair Partner?

  • For four decades, IDM has stood for Industrial Drive Maintenance. We know industrial electronics repairs.
  • No evaluation fee – we quote the repair and you decide what to do next.
  • 1-year Warranty on all repairs.
  • A full team of techs and customer service experts.
  • Make it easy. Set up a Net-30 Account.

Our expert technicians repair thousands of parts each year, usually for less than half of the cost of a new replacement. Your item will be diagnosed, repaired, cleaned, and rebuilt to like-new condition with a 1-year warranty. You can’t lose!

Submitting your industrial electronic items for repairs is easy. Use our online submission form or download a printable version of our submission form and fill it in by hand.

Easy Submission Process

  1. Complete online submission form or printable submission form. You will asked for your name and contact information, including an email where we will send your repair quote.
  2. Help us help you. Include any and all information you have about your part and how that part is (or is not) working. This would include any error codes, error messages, failure to start or stop, or any other symptom to put us on the right track. If you know your part’s model number, that’s great, too.
  3. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your item, that’s OK. We’ll troubleshoot it for you.
  4. CAREFULLY PACK YOUR ITEM. We often receive parts that were further damaged in shipment to us simply because of careless packing. Make sure the person who ships your item to us uses common shipping precautions like double boxing, bubble wrap, packing material and tape appropriate for the part.
  5. Is the part too heavy/big to ship? That’s OK, too. Call us at 800-237-3278 and we’ll work out some freight arrangements.
  6. Relax. We will email you a quote. You make the decision whether to repair or replace. We’ll even recycle your non-repairable items if you wish.

How to Pack Your Repairs for Shipment

Take extra care in packing your items for shipment. We suggest using PLENTY of packing material and even double-boxing some items, such as drives. Make sure the box is sturdy and preferably new. Of course you’ll want to double and triple tape the top and bottom. But also run some tape horizontally across the seam corner of the box to ensure it doesn’t split open.

UPS guidelines state that a package should be packed to withstand a drop of three feet. Depending on the weight of the item you are sending, please pack accordingly. What you want to avoid is to have an item in need of repair sustain additional damage during the shipping process.

Click here to see tips on how to pack an AC Drive.

How We Pack Your Repairs for Return Shipment

We take pride in our packing. Depending on the size and shape of the part, we double box, double tape, double wrap and even used injection foam packing material. Our process is a little more thorough than most repair companies, but that’s how much we care. We want to be sure your item arrives safe and in good working order. Remember, our repairs are warrantied for 1 year.

We understand that the customer’s experience starts from the point that the package is shipped to us to those awesome moments of opening your repaired device. Your experience ultimately bookended by a delivery service (we prefer UPS).  To defend your newly repaired product we go the extra mile to bid it a safe voyage home.

Each unit is shipped back to you in electro-static safe plastic to ensure that no form of static electricity could damag your electronics. Each package also is lined with high-density foam which creates a buffer around your device to stabilize it during the shipping process. Think of the two put together as bubble-wrap on steroids.

With our souped-up bubble wrap cradling your product, we promise it will make it back in one piece; a piece in better shape than when it first arrived for repair, of course.